Salt & Vinegar Potatoes

  • 0min prep


  • small potatoes

  • splash of oil/butter

  • splash of vinegar

  • dash of salt


  • Start by boiling or steaming your potatoes. When they are approaching fork tender, pull them out and smash each one. Don’t mash them, just crush each potato until it just starts to crack.

  • In a baking pan, add a bit of butter and olive oil (to taste and/or diet) and bake at 200°C for a few minutes or until it’s nice and hot. Toss the potatoes in the hot oil.

  • Bake and then broil at 200°C until the potatoes are brown and then skins are crisp.

  • Toss in a splash of vinegar (I like plain white, some use apple cider or red wine vinegar) and a pinch of good sea salt.